Because of the nature of our service, we have no means to verify independently the information, status or condition of the property advertised. The information provided thus represents only basic facts about the property which should be confirmed by the property buyer on final physical inspection.

The information given regarding any particular property for sale by owner, is intended to help you decide whether you wish to physically view this property and avoid wasting your time in viewing unsuitable properties.

Whilst we guard against errors in publication where we can, we rely on what the seller tells us about their own private properties, which should therefore be considered by you as a general guide only.

Note that we have not visited the property nor taken any of the photographs published here. We check listings as far as possible for obvious errors, spelling, presentation etc., but all information on display is provided by the property sellers and further inquiry, if necessary, about any houses for sale or apartments for sale or townhouses for sale should be addressed directly to the vendor /advertiser / property owner.

The details contained within the owner's description advertised are as such provided entirely by the seller /advertiser, but do not constitute full particulars.

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